Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 4: Mothers Day

As suspected I didn't get to paint today, it being Mothers Day.  It didn't mean that I was far from the sea though. Wanted to get a picture of a friend's boat to put on a certificate for him. My fishing club charters his boats for our monthly fishing trip and he took us out for a recent fishing competition we had entered into. I have attached both a photo and the certificate to show I actually continued with my pledge of sorts. I am considering using some of the images I took took today to create a painting as a Christmas present for him and his wife at a later date.

It was a fun day watching kids fishing of wharfs and jettys. One little 3 year old brought up his first sprat but after that had trouble finding the patience to keep the line in the water long enough to hook onto another one. Each time he felt a bite he was reeling in which frustrated his dad a bit.

It did however turn out to be an expensive exercise though as my car broke down big time on the way home. On a bright note though, it was the first time Mum has got to ride in a towtruck which she got quite excited about. I think I would have preferred to hire one to give her the experience. Would have been cheaper I'm thinking. Oh well, lets see what my uncle's prognosis is later today.

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  1. Evil cars!! at least the certificate worked out fab!!