Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 4: Mothers Day

As suspected I didn't get to paint today, it being Mothers Day.  It didn't mean that I was far from the sea though. Wanted to get a picture of a friend's boat to put on a certificate for him. My fishing club charters his boats for our monthly fishing trip and he took us out for a recent fishing competition we had entered into. I have attached both a photo and the certificate to show I actually continued with my pledge of sorts. I am considering using some of the images I took took today to create a painting as a Christmas present for him and his wife at a later date.

It was a fun day watching kids fishing of wharfs and jettys. One little 3 year old brought up his first sprat but after that had trouble finding the patience to keep the line in the water long enough to hook onto another one. Each time he felt a bite he was reeling in which frustrated his dad a bit.

It did however turn out to be an expensive exercise though as my car broke down big time on the way home. On a bright note though, it was the first time Mum has got to ride in a towtruck which she got quite excited about. I think I would have preferred to hire one to give her the experience. Would have been cheaper I'm thinking. Oh well, lets see what my uncle's prognosis is later today.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 3: Work In Progress

Started putting the mid-tones in today. No thanks to the cat (did I mention I have 2 cats) the 2nd one now thinks I'm the bees-knees too apparently, though puss #2 hasn't found the painting water yet. Mixed emotions about how I've left it today. Parts are going okay, other parts I have to think carefully about how to fix up. Don't be surprised if there is another painting started while I think about this one. It will be interesting to see the photos later and compare how things change as the painting progresses.

Thought for today:  Maybe it would have been better to start on something smaller. There's a lot of relearning going on here.  Think I might call it A New Beginning ... will think on about that too. 

Frustrated Grump

Have just been reminded of a few obstacles to relearning painting... :(

1.  Don't have painting space - consigned to the floor which leads onto
2.  Cat takes unhealthy interest in whatever I'm doing - wants to get up on my lap, trys to climb on painting board, rubs herself along said board while I'm trying to put a wash on, drinks dirty painting water
3.  Hard not to overwork an area when frustrated ... must let paper dry between coats

Grumble, grumble, groan, groannnnn ... must get on so I don't waste hours of natural light ... time and patience, this isn't a speed competition.

Will post photo of work in progress at the end of the day

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 2: First Wash

Today paint went to paper.  There's no turning back now and one day I'll find out if I've been deluding myself.  First problem encountered, the paper was drier than I thought, sucking up the water wash before I completed the Ochre, Alizarin and Cobalt washes.  Sponging did little to remove unwanted paint, (if the air turns "blue" around here, there is a certain friend who's partially responsible :) for putting this idea in my head).  Why is this a problem? Watercolours paint from light to dark, you leave white or try to wash it out later. Knew I should've gone with my first idea of using the masking fluid as soon as I'd started.  Still all is not lost yet ... patience is required until the end ... not over working before the "masterpiece" is just about ready for framing.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting Started

It has happened. Proof to my dear friend Nicola that I have in fact sullied a pristine piece of paper with graphite. Now I have to work magic to do it justice. No longer will this "canvas" be a perfect piece of artwork in its own right. Now I pray that all I learnt in the past is still with me and not consigned to the ether of time and memory.

No More Procrastination

After many false starts I am finally going to get back into, what people have wanted for years, my painting.  Having not yet exhausted my fascination with the sea and all that entails, I figure that's the best place to start.  It is also the most relaxing place I know in this world.  So hang tight friends, there is paper stretched and a wave of inspiration in the air.